Symbol vector<double> is not defined in current scope

I’ve just installed ROOT 5.34/36 (installation details below) and I’m falling at the first hurdle when following the ROOT Primer pdf.

Basic arithmetic is working as on page 7, section 2.1 “ROOT as calculator” but at the very top of page 8, section 2.2 “Learn C++ at the ROOT prompt” the first line is not returning correctly:

using doubles = std::vector<double>;

returns the error message:

Error: Symbol vector<double> is not defined in current scope  (tmpfile)(1)
*** Interpreter error recovered ***

I’ve tried #include on the command line but this changed nothing. Am I doing something wrong or does it look like something went wrong with the installation?


Windows 10 Enterprise version 1709
ROOT version 5.34/36 (required to use this version)

Thanks in advance!


This syntax is not supported by ROOT 5 (as most of modern c++)

Cheers, Bertrand.

Winner, thanks very much.

I.e. Bertrand recommends to install ROOT 6 instead. Just making sure that’s obvious for everyone :slight_smile: