Symbol lookup error : undefined symbol

Dear experts,
after loading libraries, I run a function and I get this error:
root [0] gSystem->Load("/cern/root/lib/");
root [1] gSystem->Load("~/GoodRunsLists//StandAlone/");
root [2] DQ::SetXMLFile(“file.xml”)
/cern/root/bin/root.exe: symbol lookup error: /home/antonelm/GoodRunsLists//StandAlone/ undefined symbol: _ZN10TDOMParserC1Ev
I see that a similar problem was already treated. According to the suggestions, I checked that
the root executable is in only one directory which is the same as the one containing the libraries.
I also run /sbin/ldconfig.
Could someone help me?


you need to load before loading

Cheers, Axel.