Symbol is not defined in current scope


I’m trying to make a plot of two parameters. I did this before using the script attached and only changed what needed to be changed. Something is wrong with the new version, I get the following error message:

Error: Symbol mpefitzenith is not defined in current scope winkelvergleich.C:1:
*** Interpreter error recovered ***

Any help would be nice :slight_smile:

EuWLisa.C (1.53 KB)
winkelvergleich.C (1.58 KB)

At least … #include "TStyle.h" // ... // the first parameter is a ... const char *tree_branch_name inChain->SetBranchAddress("mpefitzenith", &mpefitzen); inChain->SetBranchAddress("primaryzenith", &primaryzen); // ...

this gives me a blank canvas a this error message

Error in TGaxis::PaintAxis: wmin (0.000000) == wmax (0.000000)

in order to list available branches.

both MPEFit_Zenith and MCPrimary_Zenith are listed as available

But you do see a difference between “MPEFit_Zenith” and “mpefitzenith” and between “MCPrimary_Zenith” and “primaryzenith”, don’t you.

sure, but mpefitzenith is a variable name…?

I found my mistake!
Line 14 and 15, I didn’t define what I give setbranchadress in lines 23, 24.
Thank you!