SWIG .i files for Python and Ruby

Is there any way I can obtain the .i files from which the Python and Ruby bindings for ROOT are created? I’d like to produce bindings for another SWIG target language, and it would be probably easier to use the already generated and debugged ones.

-Jason Thomas.


the bindings as provided by pyroot do not utilize SWIG. Please go here:


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Apparently isn’t the same as ruby-root, kind of confusing. I’ll ask them about their .i bindings.

-Jason Thomas.


I have a fully automated SWIG binding for Perl, Python, Ruby. OCaml is more hard. But, it is not yet released.
Which language you want? I can try to put a pre-release on the web to test … contact me



Will the .i files work for creating a java wrapper…I’d like to give that a try… Though Rene suggests this isn’t a good long term approach. See comments at the end of root.cern.ch/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=682

I did play with JavaRoot and it did work for my needs, just curious about how/if SWIG could be used.

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These arguments are wrong.

  • The process is automatic. The header of Root are very simple. Thanks Cint!
  • The C++ parser of SWIG is more simple, only header must be parsed. So, more easier to debug and improve.
  • SWIG is more generic, multi-language
  • modify the API of Root each weeks is a very bad idea: the physicists are very very conservator …

The Cint approach is different and interesting, but more utopian, and restricted to Root

Qt, gtk in Cint is not for tomorow!