Suppressing background in mass histogram

So my objective is to suppress background in the mass histogram of various channels in my ROOT file to see which channel is worth looking further into.

Let me take an example of a decay A->B C D. Now I want to suppress the background in the mass histogram of A. I got some advice that I can use the equivalent mass of BC CD and BD to apply cuts and hence reduce backgrounds. What is the logic behind taking two particles at a time
or what can be other ways to suppress background before using TMVA

Any help appreciated. Thank you


Thanks for the post. The question asked is not really related to ROOT.
Maybe a good start could be to try and see how a simple polynomial (2nd degree? 3rd degree?) could describe your background and then suppress it.


Hi Danilo,

Yes apologies for the question not been that related to ROOT but thank you for your response. I want to understand the technique behind cuts in more detail and was not able to find much resources on the Internet.

Do you know of any good resources that can help me learn about applying cuts (like the physics behind it) in the way that I have described in my example?