Suppress RooFit warnings in RooAbsRealLValue

Hi there,

I’m filling a RooDataHist from values stored in a text file, and I get a warning message everytime a value is rounded down to its max value. I’d like to have values above the max value defined in my one independent variable stored in the overflow bin, otherwise I would simply cut the data above this value. How can I suppress the warning:

[#0] WARNING:InputArguments – RooAbsRealLValue::inFitRange(dimass): value 129.673 rounded down to max limit 120

from occuring everytime it rounds down a value?

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You can suppress the warning by bracketing your filling code
with a line of code that disables the WARNING level message
stream. Do e.g.


to see what streams are defined. You can (temporarily) suspend
any message stream using setStreamStratus(n,kFALSE) ;