Support Vector Machine linear and polynomial


I’m working with support vector machines. In the past, I was working with train and testing with TMVAnalysis.C, and I set the parameters for gaussian (“Sigma=100:C=100:Tol=0.001:Kernel=Gauss” ), polynomial (“Order=2:Theta=1:C=0.1:Tol=0.001:Kernel=Polynomial”) and linear (Kernel=Linear:C=0.5:Tol=0.001" ).

In the most recent ROOT version, I’m working with TMVAClassification.C, but the only option that appears is:

// Support Vector Machine
if (Use[“SVM”])
factory->BookMethod( TMVA::Types::kSVM, “SVM”, “Gamma=0.25:Tol=0.001:VarTransform=Norm” );

I would like to know if the linear and polynomial kernels were removed from file: TMVAClassification.C

Thanks in advance.