Superuser on PROOF

Hello folks,

I didn’t manage to find what kind of privileges on PROOF can be granted to a superuser declared as follows :
xpd.supeursers vernet



Hello again…
To clarify the statement, the question in my previous post is basically “what can do a superusr on PROOF, and how” … :wink:

Thanks for any help !!


Hi Renaud,

The concept was introduced to define a set of user with administrator rights on other users sessions.
Currently superusers can reset the session of any user:

  root[] TProofMgr *mgr = TProof::Mgr("<superuser>@<master>")
  root[] mgr->Reset(kTRUE,"<a-simple-user>")

and can send messages to a given or all connected users:

  root[] TProofMgr *mgr = TProof::Mgr("<superuser>@<master>")
  root[] mgr->SendMsgToUser("A message for <a-simple-user->,"<a-simple-user>")
  root[] mgr->SendMsgToUser("A message for all connected users")


Hi Gerri
thanks a lot !