I need some suggestion, I want to store some information in a root tree so that later I can use that. The information is like this:

I have a variable “A” (type string) and for each such variable there correspond few more variables ,say, a, b,c, d which are again string type. And now for each of these string (a,c,d…) there are few numbers associated.
So I want to store all this information so that I can access later for a given “A”. I wan to avoid using arrays for storing this information.

What is the best way to do it? May be Maps!? A simplified example will be highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot.
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Maps are very inefficient when being read back and usually a sorted vector of pair can do the same things but be more efficient I/O wise.

[quote]And now for each of these string (a,c,d…)[/quote]Are the strings fixed (exactly the same of each events) or variable?