Suggestion: favicon for Root homepage


Many websites have a favicon.ico icon that appears to the left of the location (URL) bar. Maybe it’s time ROOT has its own bookmarks icon too? :slight_smile:

My suggestion would be the icon from $ROOTSYS/icons/root_t.xpm. For example,

convert $ROOTSYS/icons/root_t.xpm ~/root.png
png2ico root.ico root.png
cp root.png /srv/www/htdocs

This requires “convert” (which is supplied with ImageMagick, ) . I’m not sure how to have all HTML files look for a “favicon.ico” file, but one might have sed add an HTML line to look for the icon file, for example:

ALLHTML=`find /srv/www/htdocs/ -name '*.html'`
for n in $ALLHTML
  echo $n
  sed '/\<link/a\<link rel\=\"shortcut icon\" href\=\"\/srv\/www\/htdocs\/favicon\.ico\" type\=\"image\/x-icon\" \/\>' $n >/tmp/add-favicon.html
  cp /tmp/add-favicon.html $n
rm /tmp/add-favicon.html

This would go over all *.html files in /srv/www/htdocs/ and add a line

<link ref="shortcut icon" href="/srv/www/htdocs/favicon.icon" type="image/x-icon" />

after the <html ...> tag, pointing to the favicon.icon file.

I agree that with today’s tabbed browsing craze favicons can be handy to quickly find a tab back. I’ll include the option for referencing a favicon in the new html doc.