Suggested vim configuration for working with root

Hello root experts and vim users :slight_smile:

How do you configure vim to be most helpful when working with root? I’m especially interested in anyone with a good configuration for using syntastic or some other syntax checking plugin along with root.


I have this in my ~/.vim/after/syntax/c.vim :

if !exists("c_no_cern_root")
   syn keyword  cType           TH1 TH1C TH1D TH1F TH1I TH1K TH1S
   syn keyword  cType           TH2 TH2C TH2D TH2F TH2I TH2S
   syn keyword  cType           TH3 TH3C TH3D TH3F TH3I TH3S
   syn keyword  cType           TF1 TF2 TF3
   syn keyword  cType           TSpectrum TSpectrum2 TProfile TProfile2D HypoTestInverterPlot SamplingDistPlot TPaveStats
   syn keyword  cType           THStack TGraph TGraph2D TMultiGraph TCanvas TRandom TLimit TLatex
   syn keyword  cType           TNtuple TObject TTree TIter TKey TRandom2 TShape TPad TMacro TBranch
   syn keyword  cType           TString TLine TLegend TFile TDatime TRandom3 TMath TArrow TText
   syn keyword  cType           TLeaf TLeafB TLeafC TLeafD TLeafElement TLeafF TLeafI TLeafL TLeafO TLeafObject
   syn keyword  cType           TChain TDirectory TList TArc TBox TEllipse TPolyLine TCurlyLine TCurlyArc TEllipse
   syn keyword  cType           TMinuit TFitter TLinearFitter TLorentzVector TLorentzRotation TVector3 TVector2
   syn keyword  cType           TRotation TGenPhaseSpace TFeldmanCousins TRobustEstimator TRolke TQuaternion
   syn keyword  cType           TPostScript TSVG TPDF TImageDump THtml TColor TStyle TComplex TPRegexp
   syn keyword  cType           TObjArrayIter TMapIter TClass TEnv TGlobal TCint TROOT TDictionary TTime TTimer
   syn keyword  cType           TEfficiency TExec TMarker TObjArray TGraphErrors TGraphAsymmErrors TCutG TPaveText
   syn keyword  cType           Double_t Int_t UInt_t Float_t Long_t Bool_t Byte_t
   syn keyword  cType           char_t Marker_t Double32_t Float16_t Long64_t
   syn keyword  cType           Short_t Stat_t Style_t Text_t UShort_t
   syn keyword  cType           ULong64_t
   syn keyword  cConstant       kRed kPink kBlue kMagenta kViolet kAzure kCyan kTeal kGreen kSpring kYellow kBlack kOrange kGray
   syn keyword  cConstant       kSolid kDashed kDotted kDashDotted kDot kPlus kStar kCircle kMultiply kFullDotSmall
   syn keyword  cConstant       kFullDotMedium kFullDotLarge kOpenTriangleDown kFullCross kFullCircle kFullSquare
   syn keyword  cConstant       kFullTriangleUp kFullTriangleDown kOpenCircle kOpenSquare kOpenTriangleUp
   syn keyword  cConstant       kFullDiamond kOpenDiamond kOpenCross kFullStar kOpenStar
   syn keyword  cConstant       kTRUE kFALSE
   syn keyword  cConstant       kIsClass kIsStruct kIsUnion kIsEnum kIsNamespace kIsTypedef kIsFundamental
   syn keyword  cConstant       kIsAbstract kIsVirtual kIsPureVirtual kIsPublic kIsProtected kIsPrivate kIsPointer
   syn keyword  cConstant       kIsArray kIsStatic kIsDefault kIsReference kIsConstant kIsConstPointer kIsMethConst
   syn keyword  cSpecial        gGeometry gHistImagePalette gWebImagePalette gGrid gClassTable gObjectTable
   syn keyword  cSpecial        gProof gPerfStats gTQSender gTQSlotParams gDebug gDirectory gROOT gFile gPad
   syn keyword  cSpecial        gApplication gBenchmark gEnv gErrorIgnoreLevel gErrorAbortLevel gRandom gStyle
   syn keyword  cSpecial        gRootDir gProgName gProgPath gSystem gVirtualPS gDragManager gGuiBuilder gCurrentRegion
   syn keyword  cSpecial        gClient gMinuit gHtml