Suffixes and C++

So I currently have a C++ class for which I want to feed rootcint to produce compileable header/class. The class is, with the header Event.hh. I want to write to with the header MCEvent.hh.


rootcint -f -c Event.hh

Doesn’t work, as I presume rootcint assumes .cc is a c suffix. I can, however, do:

rootcint -f McEvent.cpp -c Event.hh

Which generates McEvent.cpp and McEvent.h. The contents of these files refers to McEvent.cpp and McEvent.h, as well, meaning changing the names is insufficient.

Short of manually changing the directory each time, is there a way to specify to rootcint that .cc is indeed a C++ file and that I want the output to be .cc and .hh?



Currently rootcint will always name the dictionary with only one ‘h’ in the suffix. So no matter what extension you use in [b]rootcint -f mydict.extension -c … [/code]you will always get mydict.extension and mydict.h.
Indeed if you must have mydict.h you will need to regenerate it after the rootcint run (and modify the #include in mydict.extension)