Substracting Pedestal

Hello Root family,

I have a histogram to which I fit a pedestal + gaussian. After this what I want to do is to re-plot the histogram but subtracting the pedestal that was obtained. Does anyone know how to do this in a simple way?


Hi @Manuel_Torres ,

@moneta should be able to help with this, let’s ping him.


If you subtract the “pedestal”, some histogram bins will probably have “negative” content. ROOT will run amok, if you try to play with it afterward.

@Wile_E_Coyote No problem with the “negative” content, I just want to use it to compare with other plots, it’s more for a visual aid.
I went into the “ROOT will run amok” but I didn’t find what I should use to remove the pedestal.

You can create a “pedestal” function (extracting its parameters from the fit) and then use: TH1::Add

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