Stringstream not working in ROOT


I am using v5.34/21 from the VC++11 MSI Release installer for Windows.

It appears that stringstream doesn’t work from CINT:

root [0] #include
root [1] #include
root [2] stringstream ss
root [3] int n = 5
root [4] string s
root [5] ss << "x = " << n
(class ostream)53100576
root [6] ss.str()
(const class basic_stringstream<char,char_traits,allocator >::_Mystr)52926288
root [7] ss >> s
(class basic_istream<char,char_traits >)53100560
root [8] s
(class TString)“x”

Is there a problem with this particular build?



Hi Marios,

This should be fixed in v5-34-00-patches.

Cheers, Bertrand.