Strange memory leak in x11 only on certain machines

Dear all,

I am facing a weird issue. I have a ROOT application that I attach to this message. It is the simplest possible, just creating a TApplication. I compile it with the “standard” ROOT 5.30.02 of alice (/afs/

When I compile and run on lxplus, I get no memory leaks according to valgrind.
When I compile and run on my own machine (SLC5/64) I get an enormous amount of reported leaks relative to X11.
When I compile on lxplus and run on my own machine, I get again the leaks.

I don’t understand why is that. I have the same version of x11, my slc5 is up to date.
Any help is welcome !

My program (with the commands used to compile and valgrind) :
test_x11.cpp (760 Bytes)

The output on lxplus :
test_x11_lxplus.txt (2.21 KB)

The output on my machine :
test_x11.txt.tgz (25.8 KB)


None of those appears to be real ‘leaks’ instead they are memory allocated once and held in the global state (CINT, ROOT) and not deleted at the end of process to save time.

I recommend that you use the valgrind suppression file that we provide in $ROOTSYS/etc/valgrind-root.supp to hide those.



Actually I use the root suppression file in both cases as indicated in the file test_x11.cpp :

And the suppression file is present.

What else could it be ?

Thank you


Can you try with v5.32 (or at least the suppression file from v5.32)?