Strange error

Hello, I get the following error repeated while running my code;

Error in TBasket::ReadBasketBuffers: fNbytes = 28286, fKeylen = 80, fObjlen = 31916, noutot = 0, nout=0, nin=28206, nbuf=31916
R__unzip: error in inflate (zlib)

It strikes me as strange as this error is not given when I run the code on a separate region of data.

I run root 5.17 on Ubuntu 7.10. Standard 32bit 486.

The output looks fine, is it safe to ignore the error?

I attach the code. Cheers, Ben.
chain_files.C (1.06 KB)
boselector.h (43.3 KB)
boselector.C (3.87 KB)

Could you try with version 5.18?