Strange error messages


I am running Root v 5.30/00-rc1 on mac snow leopard (v10.6.8).

All the error messages displayed in root usually have this form:
Error: expected â or â before â

Now, I know this scrambling in gcc occurs due to the variable LANG is incorrectly set, which causes char-set mismatch. I have made necessary changes to the LANG variable and a simple gcc compilation works well in Xterm. However, the problem persists in Root.

What should I do?


HI Nikhil,

I suppose you get those when compiling with ACLiC. If this is the case (and the message are indeed correct when using the compiler directly), this must mean that LANG is set to late and/or not exported. For example for bash, you ought to use something like:export LANG=C root.exe ....

Hi pcanal,

Thanks a lot for suggesting a solution. However, it appears that my X11 had some problem and root was not directed to the correct X11 lib and I had couple of other problem due to that. I am not sure if this particular problem is related or not, but after working on the X11 lib directory, this problem has disappeared automatically.

Thanks again :slight_smile: