Strange Compiling Error (private assignment operator)

I was just trying to compile a simple little block of code to do mc object / jet matching when I ran into a strange error when I tried to set two TMBJet objects equal to each other (the TMBJet is a locally defined class here at D0). So, I first figured that I have done something violently wrong and decided to make an extreemly simple version to check the error and it persisted. Here is the code chunk.

#include <tmb_tree/TMBJet.hpp>

int main() {

  TMBJet tmp;
  TMBJet tmp2;

  tmp = tmp2;


The associated error that I received was the following

I have decided that it would be wrong of me to post this question without the relevant header files so, I am going to attach them. Also for debugging pourposes, I am using root version 4.04/02b. Thanks for any help with this issue.

TMBVector3.hpp (20.4 KB)
TMBLorentzVector.hpp (13.9 KB)
TMBJet.hpp (20.4 KB)

You must implement a copy constructor and assignment operator for your class TMBJet and process correctly the case for collections like your TRefArray.