Strange bug when using EnableImplicitMT() with TVirtualFitter.GetFitter()

ROOT Version: 6.28/04
Platform: linuxx8664gcc
Compiler: g++ (GCC) 11.3.0

I notieced a strange bug or issue while using ROOT.EnableImplicitMT() together with ROOT.TVirtualFitter.GetFitter().GetConfidenceIntervals(h) (where h is a histogram) in python. Without the multithread enabled, this runs perfectly; while activating multithread returns:

TypeError: none of the 2 overloaded methods succeeded. Full details:
  attempt to access a null-pointer
  void TVirtualFitter::GetConfidenceIntervals(int n, int ndim, const double* x, double* ci, double cl = 0.94999999999999996) =>
    TypeError: takes at least 4 arguments (1 given)

The only trigger to this bug is whether I use EnableImplicitMT.


Dear @zhiyuanlcern ,

Thanks for reaching out to the forum! That looks weird indeed, would you be able to provide us with a full reproducer so we can debug further?


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