Stored data becomes "corrupt" in rootfile

Hi all

perhaps this question should be directed to the administrators of the my lab, but first I would like to know your opinion.

I’m working with Geant4 and the data is stored in a root file. It has 3 branches. One of the branches stores the data coming from the summary of an event (the othes stores information from hits and set-up).

My G4 code (Geant4-09-05-p01) compiles and runs without problems. But running in the lab farm, the data stored in event branch looks weird (high and low orders of magnitud, number without sense). Besides running the same code in my computer (locally) nothing of this happen.

I introduced some output code to control the variables value and nothing looks weird. I mean, the value of the variable for the branch, appear in screen correctly, but not in the root file (running a Show(i) or with TBrowser).

The versions of root are:

-in my computer 5.32/04
-in the farm 5.34/05

I know that without code is difficult to have an idea of the possible problem, only if you want I could try to upload the code where the tree and branch are defined.

Thank you very much for any possible suggestion

Carlos Ayerbe