STL data in ROOT

Hi everybody, I would like to import data which is a tessellated surface (list of triangles) and create a geometry object in ROOT. Suggestions?
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Hi, you can try using a STL to OBJ format converter, then use the OBJ reader in ROOT: $ROOTSYS/tutorials/geom/visualizeWavefrontObj.C

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Hi, I have root-6.18.00 and I do not see this file there:


RadioNuclides.C geomD0.C rootgeom.C
assembly.C geometry.C runplugin.C
building.C shapes.C
cheongwadae.C iterplugin.cxx shapesAnim.C
csgdemo.C lego.C south_gate.C
gdml mp3player.C station1.C
geodemo.C na49.C station2.C
geomAlice.C na49geomfile.C tank.C
geomAlice_itsv.C na49view.C xtruDraw.C
geomAtlas.C parallel_world.C xtruSamples.C
geomBrahms.C robot.C

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ROOT -> Tutorials -> Geometry tutorials -> visualizeWavefrontObj.C

You need ROOT master