Step by step rootlogon.C

I can’t figure out for the life of me how to get a rootlogon.C file working. I’ve talked to a lot of my colleagues and they had the same problem.

Can someone who’s gotten this working please provide step by step instructions of what needs to be done? I’ve tried many things, but I’d prefer not to list what and start fresh since my previous attempts clearly did not work.


I think rootlogon.C can be called whatever you like wherver you like. The important file is this:


and include this line:

Rint.Logon: ~/rootlogon.C

I am not sure where this is officially documented, but google searches of rootrc will certainly get you somewhere.


Thanks for all your help. I didnt get the ~/.rootrc method working but I did get another method to work… for anyone having the same problem I’m listing my steps below

By default, rootlogon.C is called only if it exists in the directory you call root from. So if you call root from your home directory root only executes rootlogon.C if one exists in your home directory.

If, however you want rootlogon.C to be called independant of the directory you’re in you can…

  1. Open up the directory root is installed to and open the etc file inside
  2. Inside there is a file “system.rootrc” that you need to edit
  3. Find the line “Rint.Logon: rootlogon.C”, now change this line to “Rint.Logon: /path to file/rootlogon.C”

that’s it! Thanks again for anyone who helped, without all the tips I wouldnt have figured this out.

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