Std::vector<float> *' to 'float', tree with vector entries to float values

Is there a way to convert a tree with vector entries to float values? Basically, std::vector *’ to ‘float’

Dear @shreya14p ,

Let’s try to remove TTree from the equation for a second. Given any object of type std::vector<float> *, how would you convert it to a single float? Let me give the following small C++ snippet as an example

int main(){
    std::vector<float> myfloats{1., 2., 3., 4., 5.};
    // To represent *exactly* your question, even though 
    // this is really not needed for the discussion
    std::vector<float> *myfloats_p{&myfloats};
    // How would you perform the conversion from vector to single float
    float my_float = ??



I propose not to branch the discussion in this thread and follow it here Vector type in TMVAClassificationApplication - #3 by shreya14p .


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