Std error when filling a histogram

Hello! I have the following piece of code (I put just a part of it)

  map< ObjectType, TH1F*> hisNumSeedCombinations_;

  if (settings_->useSeedFilter()) {
    hisNumSeedCombinations_.insert( pair< ObjectType, TH1F* > (HTrphiHis,<TH1F>("NumSeedCombinations_","; Number of seed combinations per track cand ", 50, -0.5 , 49.5)));

   if (settings_->useSeedFilter()) {
       const vector<unsigned int>  numSeedComb = htPair.getRZfilters().numSeedCombsPerTrk();
       for (const unsigned int& num : numSeedComb) {

It compiles fine but when I run I get this

Exception Message:
A std::exception was thrown.

I figured out that it happens when I fill the histogram, but I don’t know why. Can somebody help me? Thank you!

the error message is pretty clear, your std::map hisNumSeedCombinations_ does not have an element with the key you are using in the at method call, i.e. hisNumSeedCombinations_[RZfilters] does not exist, and the program throws an exception as a consequence.

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