Status of ROOT devel under windows

First things first: I’m using currently CVS ROOT under Kubuntu, but would like to port my working executable program to Windows XP.

I’m a bit confused with the status/recommended-way of developing ROOT under Windows.
E.G., the binaries download page states that cygwin/gcc is currently in a very poor stage and the download of the VC++ version is recommended. On the other hand I find very recent post showing that Axel is still actively supporting development under Cygwin, so is the statement above only valid for the binary distribution?

Simple question:
Am I correct in assuming that I don’t need to compile ROOT from source, only because I want to develop my own application with ROOT?

Precise question: :slight_smile:
Here is what I would like to achieve (my target):
With the help of you guys in the forum I developed a working standalone (though dynamically linked) application under Linux that I would like to port to Windows, not knowing anything about developing under Windows :frowning: .
On top of that I would like to have it statically linked and working without a preinstalled ROOT on other computers so that I can give it to other people who still have to be persuaded of the good-doings of ROOT! :smiley:
What would be the most efficient way and/or the most recommended way to do it?
I know the pages of Axel and Francois-Xavier, but
I don’t have any preference in working environment and I am in the lucky position to have a work license of Visual Studio 2005, should I try it with that, if all I want is a fast uncomplicated port of my working ROOT code to Windows XP? Or is the cygwin way still the most standard?
I would be happy to report on my experiences of using Visual Studio 2005 to do the porting, if this is a first and you are interested. Or are there already working project files around?
What do other ROOT users think is the simplest if all I want is a port from existing application under Linux? (So make use of the Makefile.win32 would be recommendable, i guess?)
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win32gcc is only around for people too lazy to port their application from unix (it provides most posix functions also available on linux). The recommended ROOT build on windows is Win32 using MS Visual C++, for speed and stability reasons. The linking procedures for both differ significantly from linux, so you’ll have to go through some problem solving either way. And you might have to port function calls in your code that are only available in the linux API, not on windows. Good luck!

Cheers, Axel.