Status of rntup

hi there,

for this year’s GSoC, I was toying with the idea of implementing the RNTuple “file format” in Go-HEP/groot.

how stable is it?

(I am talking about the on-disk layout, the semantics and relations b/w its “on-disk+memory” components, not, necessarily, the API.)

@jblomer ? any hindsights?


Hi Sébastien,

The RNTuple format reached some maturity and in fact we are using it for the last ~12 months unchanged. However, we also know that we still need to make changes. We have an ongoing Google Season of Docs project to help us in with the format documentation. In terms of third-party connection, we are currently working on a low-level C API, which would provide access to the data but it is not the format re-implementation you have in mind.

I’m afraid that this time I cannot commit to supervise another GSoC project but I’d of course be open for questions!


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hi Jakob,

thanks a lot for the answer and the interesting pointers.
having a somewhat formal format documentation would probably help on the Go-HEP/groot side.
I’ll watch the GSoD space.

thanks again.