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Status of PROOF, pyRoot

Happy NY!
I have a couple of questions.

  1. what is the status of PROOF?
  2. I’ve built ROOT from the sources with the latest Visual Studio 2022/Community.
    I have the python 3.10 installed on my system but I failed to build pyROOT.
    Does it still depends on python2?

Regards. Valeri

Hi Valeri,

Happy new year to you too!

  1. Well, it should work, even if I didn’t try it on Windows since ages…
  2. I know it works with Python 3.8. What is the error you got? Do you build on Win32 or x64?

Cheers, Bertrand.

Hi Bertrand,

  1. PROOF - is it alive? under development?
    Where and whom is it used?
    Fons (or Geri)? Does he support it?

Regards. Valeriy

Hi Bertrand,
2. releasing vs2022/.NET6 M$ did the great job for the linux world
Check this video
Building cross platform apps with C++ in Visual Studio 2022 - YouTube

Opinion, comments?

Regards. Valeriy

Maybe @ganis can give more details, and you might be interested by Data frames - ROOT

It looks very interesting for Linux users :slight_smile:

I’d like to see ROOT vcpkg and deb

Do you work on it?


I work on Windows, with CMake from the VS command prompt, if it’s what you’re asking for…

PROOF is not currently under development, with RDataFrame being the suggested replacement for PROOF-Lite, and the experimental distributed RDataFrame support planned to become the suggested replacement for full-blown PROOF.

A .deb package is on ROOT’s roadmap, a vcpkg package is not (but we’d welcome something coming from the community as for several other ROOT packages).


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Hi Enrico,
what is the status of distributed computing with ROOT?

Regards. Valeriy

The same question about Geant, Pythia, FLUKA, MCNP …if know.


Pretty much as above: PROOF is in maintenance mode and its development stopped years ago. Distributed RDataFrame is now available as an experimental replacement and we are working on bringing it to production (see e.g. PyHEP 2021 (virtual) Workshop (5-9 July 2021): A Python package for distributed ROOT RDataFrame analysis · Indico ).

The other projects you mention are not developed by the ROOT team, you’ll probably have to ask on the relevant support channels.


Thanks for reply!

He-he :slight_smile:
Are you sitting in the same corridor as Geant guys?
Geant - do you(ROOT team) collaborate with them?
For any HEP experiment ROOT&Geant are must have packages.
It’s a pity …

I work from PowerShell prompt and use the following code in my PS $profile to set VS environment

Grabs all environment variable set after vcvarsall.bat is called and pulls
them into the Powershell environment

function Set-MsbuildDevEnvironment
[Parameter(Mandatory=$true, Position=0)]

    "amd64" { $arch = "x64" }
    "x86" { $arch = "x86" }
    default { throw "Unknown architecture: $switch" }

$devShellModule = "$vspath\Common7\Tools\Microsoft.VisualStudio.DevShell.dll"

Import-Module -Global -Name $devShellModule

Write-Verbose 'Setting up environment variables'
Enter-VsDevShell -VsInstallPath $vspath -SkipAutomaticLocation `
    -devCmdArguments "-arch=$arch" | Out-Null

Set-Item -Force -path "Env:\Platform" -Value $arch
Write-Host "Dev environment variables set" -ForegroundColor Green


$vsp = “D:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\2022\Community”
Set-MsbuildDevEnvironment $vsp

It also sets cmake shipped with VS

OK, as you prefer… I personally don’t use PowerShell

I personally don’t use PowerShell

PowerShell is the most powerful shell ever I seen and it’s a cross-platform
Can Run on Win, Linux, iOS, Unfortunately not on Android (Termux) yet

Hi Enrico,
for me as being a .NET fan the most interesting/promising project today for distributed computing is
dotnet/orleans: Orleans is a cross-platform framework for building distributed applications with .NET (github.com)
I think/hope it’s possible to integrate it with ROOT.

Regards. Valeriy

I’m unaware of status of most CERN GRID projects.
I’d like to run geant4 MC (10^8 protons, 200 MeV, 500x500x500 cell tomogram) on distributed 100K core GRID and store result in ROOT tree.
Is it possible?
Can anybody to point me to the right direction to dig in?

Because I don’t need it…

Please, check this one. Hopefully it helps

Making a deb package with CMake/CPack and hosting it in a private APT repository | Declaration of VAR (decovar.dev)

You make me very sad :frowning:
Rare case when I disagree wit you

I didn’t say it was useless, I just said I don’t need it (for git and cmake, no need of PowerShell) :wink: