Statistics box for RooMCStudy distributions

Dear experts,

I cannot find a way to print the statistics box (Entries, mean, RMS) neither fit with a Gaussian, the distributions of the fit parameters out of a toy MC Study (RooMCStudy). I have seen that for example it is possible to do so for the pull distributions but what about the distribution of the error of a parameter when one does:

  RooPlot *eframe = mgr.plotError(mllmax,0.,3.,50);

Could you please suggest me what is missing above?
Thanks a lot!

Hi Georgia,

I had only added that as a standard feature for the pull distributions.
You should be able to add them manually using

mcstudy.fitParDataSet().statOn(paramFrame) ;

after you’ve created the frame with either a parameter distribution or a parameter error distribution. See the RooAbsData::statOn() documentation for additional details and options. I’ll add a option to
RooMCStudy::paramOn() in the next release to do this in one go.