Statically compiling individual Root libraries

I am interested in running an MPI-parallel program I have written on a Cray XE6 (using the gcc compiler). My program depends on Root pretty heavily for I/O and some math functionality, and the Cray system requires linking against static libraries in order to successfully run in parallel. I have read in earlier messages how Root’s tethering to certain system libraries prevents a full static build of Root (this is true in the most recent version, 5.34.01), but I was wondering if it were possible to build individual Root modules (Tree or MathCore, for example) into completely independent static libraries. Has anyone attempted this type of build, or has anyone run Root-enabled programs on Cray’s architecture? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Sorry, I didn’t see that a very similar question was already addressed in the post

Decoupling the different modules in ROOT (Cray XT5)

I will work off of the results of this discussion!