Standard backend DNN in TMVA

Dear all TMVA experts,

Right now I want to try the DNN model in TMVA package, and I saw in the TMVA user guide that there is the

The standard backend is the fall-back implementation and will work on any platform where Root can be installed. The CPU backend uses multithreading to perform the training in parallel on multi-core CPU architectures and requires a multithreaded BLAS implementation and the Intel TBB library. The GPU backend can be used to perform the training on CUDA-capable GPU architectures.

Besides the CPU and GPU multi-core DNN models, does there exist the standard DNN in the TMVA package, without installing the CPU and GPU library?

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The standard backend is currently disabled. The User’s guide is in the process of being updated with this information.


Dear Kim,

Got it! Sure I will stick with the CPU and GPU ones with the DNN after setting up the environment.


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