Stage_get: Invalid service class 'atlaslocalgroupdisk'

Dear ROOTers,

I am trying to open use the TRFIOFile class, as I need to retrieve a file from CASTOR.

Can someone tell me why this fails?

stager: stage_get Usertag=NULL Protocol=rfio File=/castor/ stager: Looking up RH host - Using castoratlast3 stager: Looking up RH port - Using 9002 stager: Looking up service class - Using atlaslocalgroupdisk stager: Setting euid: 56835 stager: Setting egid: 1307 stager: Localhost is: stager: Creating socket for castor callback - Using port 34872 stager: May 30 17:06:59 (1306768019) Sending request stage_get: Invalid service class 'atlaslocalgroupdisk' SysError in <TRFIOFile::TRFIOFile>: file rfio:////castor/ can not be opened for reading (Invalid argument)

Thanks a lot.


Were you able to resolve this issue?