Stability of the 5.27 development branch?

I’m continuing to test this out. My setup is very simple - I just have it sitting on a single 16 core LInux box. I’m finding it fairly unstable. For example, a null pointer reference in my code will cause the xproofd to fail - I can’t even get in touch with it to request the worker logs. I have to log into the proof machine and inspect the session logs, and often have to clean things up myself (killall is my new friend).

Is this par for the course for PROOF in the development release? Or is my setup somehow not stable?

Cheers, Gordon.


It looks as you are able to send the minimum required to reproduce the problem.
Can you post it so that I can debug it?


G. Ganis

Thanks for your help. I’m trying to open seperate messages when there is a failure rather than gather them under a single thread.