SQLite problem with text

Dear ROOTers
I have problem with insert record into sqlite database. I tried you this macro :

void sql(){ TSQLServer *fSQL = TSQLServer::Connect("sqlite://table.sqlite","user", "pass"); TSQLStatement *stat = (TSQLStatemen*)fSQL->Statement("INSERT INTO Files (Comment,AnaName) VALUES (?,?)"); TString a = "a_parameter"; TString b = "b_parameter"; stat->SetString(0,a); stat->SetString(1,b); stat->Process(); delete stat;}
However when I select records from my table (first column is TEXT, second is VARCHAR) instead of getting “a_parameter” I got something like “a_parameter+strange random chars”. I tried to add ‘\0’ ‘\n’, and use a.Data() instead of a. But I still get those random marks inserted into my table. Any ideas how to fix that?