Splitting Root Files


I have the same request as this post: Split a root file into two parts

The link provided by dpiparo doesn’t go anywhere.

Has there been any progress made in the last year?


Hi Ryan,

I updated the post you pointed out: it was indeed a broken link since that section of the forum has been discontinued. The proposed way of collaborating and proposing patches to ROOT is the GitHub pull request mechanism.

Said that, yes, there was progress since July 2015. You can have a look here to learn more about the ROOT command line tools: root.cern.ch/how/how-quickly-in … ntent-file

With rootcp and rooteventselector you should be able to split and copy the content of an existing ROOT file into other rootfiles.


Thank you for your help!

As payment, I will point out a bug on your linked page. I believe the last bullet point is missing a t in the command. Right now it reads “rooprint”

Thanks again!

Hi Ryan,

good point: it’s now fixed.