Splines in ROOT

I have a small request. It would be nice if the spline classes are a bit more documented.
There are several Spline classes TSpline (TSpline3, TSpline5) and TSplinePoly (TSplinePoly3, TSplinePoly5). I assume, that 3 and 5 refer to the polynom order. However, what is the difference between TSpline and TSplinePoly? I know interpolation splines with the spline passing through the measurement points. Then there are fitting splines which account for each measurement point but do not pass through them necessarily. Then I know also fitting splines where one chooses a larger interval size than just the interval between subsequent measurement points, i.e. one has much less intervals for the polynoms than measurement points.
Iā€™m now interested in what is maybe implemented in which of the above classes?

Thanks for any help :wink:

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We will try to improve this doc in the near future. The main author has been informed ::slight_smile:


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So is there any available document? I find it hard to find any relevant files except splines_test.C

It does not seem there is more than what is in the reference guide in the TSpline classes.