Spinning wheel on Mac

Hi everyone,
I’m running version v6.06 (both binary and source) on a Mac 10.10 running python 2.7.

Since I’ve updated to a new computer and root last summer I’m experiencing a problem with pyROOT.
All my scripts end with:
-rep = raw_input( '\n\nenter “q” to quit: ’ ) # to keep the canvas alive

Unfortunately I’m not able to interact with any of the canvases that I generate, because root/pyROOT keeps the wheel spinning (instead of the mouse pointer) and I cannot use any of the menus. The only option I have is to print the canvas to a root file and and then open it in root.

I did not experience this before the upgrade, I was probably running root v5 at that point.

Help is greatly appreciated.

Hi Marco,

that’s the setup I have on my mac and unfortunately I cannot reproduce the issue you describe.
Can you see canvases using the prompt and C++?
Do you see the canvases if you do


from the prompt?