Spin and isospin in TParticlepDG

Hello Root experts,

Spins and isospins in TParticlePDG seem all to be zero. In root (511-02 on debian 3.1 sarge gcc 335) I get

root [40] db=new TDatabasePDG();
root [41] db->GetParticle(2212)->GetName()
(const char* 0xa145e3c)"proton"
root [42] db->GetParticle(2212)->Spin()
(const Double_t)0.00000000000000000e+00
root [43] db->GetParticle(2212)->Isospin()
(const Double_t)0.00000000000000000e+00

How to get them initialized properly?

best regards
Dariusz Miskowiec