Speed up/optimize csv to root conversion process

for (Int_t SubRun=1;SubRun<(No+1);SubRun++){
      TString froot = Form("Raw/Run%04d/Data_root/Run%04d_%04d.root",DataFile,DataFile,SubRun);
      TString fcsv = Form("Raw/Run%04d/Data_csv/Run%04d_%04d.csv",DataFile,DataFile,SubRun);
      TFile *f = new TFile(froot,"RECREATE");
      TTree *tree = new TTree("ntuple","data from csv file");


Hi guys, The above is a snippet of my code where I do the conversion of csv files into root. I can do what I want here which is convert it from csv to root.

However, one issue I noticed was the speed of how long this process takes. On average each csv file has about 7millions entries which takes about 1-2minute to do so. With this where I may be having up 100 files, this could take up a few hours.

I know the process is already kind of fast and maybe too much to ask for. But I would definitely would love to speed this up. If anyone has some suggestion on how I might improve this would love to hear your opinion.


Try to run multiple ROOT processes simultaneously (e.g. as many as you have CPUs or even twice that many), one process per each csv file.

I’m supposed that I can use the PROOF feature. The machine I’m testing the code on has 2 cores,4threads. I’m planning to use my code to do this csv root conversion in another machine which is much better than the computer im using right now.

Am I doing this right by adding


before the start of the loop where i convert the csv to root?

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