Spack install genie fails due to ROOT not build with GSL/MathMore

% spack install genie
This installs many softwares and root from source from the spack library.

==> Installing root-6.24.06-uqurkz3sh22a3vhcqvhdh4zw26kszmkh
==> Installing genie-3.0.6-itiz4dzuo5ff2gb7betehclxndbjew4r
==> genie: Executing phase: ‘install’

Genie installation fails due to ROOT build issue.

*** Error *** ROOT needs to be built with GSL/MathMore enabled. at ./configure line 85

It is my understanding that if I have gsl installed on my server, ROOT will be built with it.
I have gsl and gsl-dev installed on the system. I see the *.h files in /usr/local/include/gsl. gsl-config, gsl-historgram and gsl-randist are there in /usr/local/bin.

Dear @mishra0960 ,

This message sounds more like the configuration of the ROOT build doesn’t enable the correct options (e.g. -Dmathmore=ON). Maybe this is something tunable within spack?


I have tried installing ROOT with the -Dmathmore=ON and making %spack install genie to find the local install. That does not solve the problem. It looks to be more of spack recipe for genie.