Some preview of the new TTreeFormula in the upcoming ROOT6.06?

Dear developers,

it seems that the upcoming ROOT6.06 will ship a new TTreeFormula. I understand that formulas will be treated and just in time compiled by the underlying compiler.

What extra features will we get with this change? How will expressions in TTree::Draw/Scan change for the end-user? Is possible to have a preview of the changes and the new functionalities in some development trunk?

Few questions that comes to my mind at this moment:

  • Will be possible to call inside a Draw/Scan expression any function or member function (static or not) that is known at that moment by cling?
  • How will “special functions” to deal with array variables (Sum$, Alt$, etc…) change?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the impatience

P.S. When is v6.06 expected to be released?

I would appreciate a blog post on the ROOT webpage about this.