Some patches for BDTs

Hello TMVA experts,

some might know that I did some patches to TMVA last year (pull request 100, now outdated). I have now rebased the uncontroversial ones (I hope) to the current master and left out the huge “Rewrite of TrainNodeFast” commit and all experimental commits.

I would be more than happy if you could review the attached patches and include them to the current master. Or what do I have to do to get them in? For me, it is annoying to rebase them every time a new root version is released.

Please also read the commit messages, they should provide you with everything you need to know.

It would be very nice to get some feedback! (14.2 KB)


Thank you for making the PR. We will review it as soon as possible. I would suggest that you also make a short presentation at the next TMVA developers meeting (which will be after holidays in mid-January). We will send a meeting announcement early next year.

Best regards,


Hello all,

please send me an invitation. I will try to attend but cannot promise anything (depends on my job).

Meanwhile, I have made another patch to improve usability. Very often I have some NaNs in my tree (unknown values) and even though these events are cut away for training, TMVA spits out one warning for each of the NaNs. The attached patch contains a more sane output (counts the NaNs and warns only once) and introduces a fatal error if you do not cut them out. Also corrected the message, NaN is not “infinite” but “indeterminate”. The patch also checks for ±inf.

0001-Reduce-number-of-nan-messages-and-make-NaNs.patch.gz (2.05 KB)