solveLinear.C is out of date

Hi Rooters,
It seems that some tutorials was not updated for years and do not work anymore with the new root versions. For example solveLinear.C coming with root 5.18 says:

root [0] .x solveLinear.C
Perform the fit y = c0 + c1 * x in four different ways

    1. solve through Normal Equations
      Error: Function NormalEqn(A,y,e) is not defined in current scope solveLinear.C:100:
      *** Interpreter error recovered ***
      In fact inside the code used TVectorD not existing any more…

Also some documentation pages point to not existing applications, etc.
May the time arrived to engage some summer student for clicking on all scripts and links… :slight_smile:



just tested it with root-5.17/5 (Nov 2007) and have no problems.
Will try it tonight at home with 5.18 .

Could you please point out which documentation refers to
non-existing applications so that it can be corrected .


Hi Eddy,

In fact I was not completly correct in the first post - with ACLIC method the script is working.
The first impression about out of date was due to TVectorD type which do not really presented on the root reference guide page since the version 3.12 or so. In the reference you can find TVectorT template, but even if you go inside this page there is nothing about TVectorD. Netherteless it is defined in some hidden way. It is a bit misleading.
In any case when I start the script from cint it gives me the error reported.

Concerning the comment about the documentation - I just passed throw the GUI HowTo pages on this page almoust all links or obsolete or not existing any more.


Tested solveLinear.C with ROOT 5.19/01 (trunk@22379, Feb 28 2008
17:57:02 on macosx) through CINT and ACLiC and so no issues !