Software for large scale fitting histograms


please have a loot at fitting tool.

This is a piece of software that I wrote and which save my ass while my phd work when I had to fit couple of hundreds if not thousands histograms, requiring manual tuning of fit parameters and refitting again to improve.

It is a simple library which takes as input a text file with fit functions and parameters. After the fit the file is updated with new values or auxiliary file is created, which can be used for next iteration of fitting if necessary.

The library supports c++ to c++17 (tested with). Recently I made large refactoring of the code. If you like, and you have some wishes for new functionality, just let me know.

Regards and have a nice fitting!


Thank you for your message. This can be certainly a useful tool for these use case of fitting several histograms. It is good then you advertise here your tool.

If you have any feedback concerning the ROOT histogram fitting, I would be very grateful for this. You can contact me also directly by email