Small version

Hi there,
is it possible to compile a small version of CInt containing a subset of the functions?

I’d like to strip graphic and statistical functions to generate a small lib.


Are you talking about CINT or about ROOT?
Which functions/classes do you want to remove?
Concerning CINT, we have absolutely no plans to change anything in the packaging.


I’m talking about CInt.
As I said, I’d like to remove graphics and statistic stuff, cause i need, first of all, the interpreter.
But your reply was clear: i need other tool.


[quote]As I said, I’d like to remove graphics and statistic stuff[/quote]Cint has no Graphics nor any statistic stuff … so simply taking the standalone Cint distribution fits your requirements …

[quote]to generate a small lib.[/quote]How ‘small’ do you really need it to be? (Beside being the only fully functional C++ interpreter around) Cint is one of the smallest interpreter around …