Slow Geometry visualization

_ROOT Version:6.22/08
_Platform: linuxx8664gcc

My dear colleagues,

I am trying to browse and visualize a geometry file (to save some pictures from it at specific positions), but it is extremely slow.
I tried it on different computers (even on a powerful gaming computer), but it is really low at the point of making no sense even try to rotate the visualized geometry.

How can I solve this??

This is my workflow.

>root my_geo_file.root
 root [0] TBrowser xx

Then I look for the master volume:
Right-click → Draw
as for the drawing option, I use “ogl”.

I really appreciate any help, as I am a newbie with ROOT geometry work.


Hi Dario,

Can you provide your geometry file that I can test it?

In newer ROOT versions there is web-based geometry viewer,
which uses different visualization approach. Probably it can be useful for you.


test.geo.root (166.9 KB)
he it goes part of it.

How do I use this web-based stuff?

Hi Dario,

I see no problem to visualize your geometry.
Just try:


To test web-based display, just run root --web.

And this is an example with plain JSROOT.


Using TBrowser, it is still very slow. But using web-based browsing improves it a lot.

Now, there are some missing controls, or some at least I do not manage to find, like view selection.

But my original question got a solution.

Thanks a lot.

How long it takes? For me it is just below 1 sec.

Not all functions of original viewer implemented in web versions.
But if you miss something - I can try to add it.

I have question about your geometry file.
How it was produced?
Do you have macros?

Can you show part of the code where TGeoVolumeAssembly instances are created.

Currently when I try to import your file, ROOT crashes in TGeoManager destructor afterwards.

I also ping @agheata to let him know about problem.

Using the TBrowser, it just returns some message about “rendering timeout” anytime I try to rotate the geometry.

Web-based, it is loaded instantly, and everything goes smoothly.

The functions I was looking for are the ones to select view XOY etc, in the different perspectives projections.

Yes, I have some macros, but I do not think they would be useful cause it calls several other macros, and they just read several .root files too large to share.

I will ask the colleagues in charge of those to see what I can get. All of it belongs to the CBMROOT project.

Hi @Dario_Ramirez, this geometry crashes when it gets deleted because some TGeoShapeAssembly objects end up in the list of shapes (this should not happen) and get double deleted. Are you aware of how this geometry is created, do you use the assembly volumes in a particular way, like adding them manually to the list of shapes held by TGeoManager?

Thanks for the answer.
No, I know little about how these geometry files are created. I am just a user. I am trying to contact the responsible people to get a better insight into everything.

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I add support of Orthographic camera (different projections) and overlays like with GL-based geometry viewer. This is now in master branch - see screenshot in PR: [webgeom] Support orhographic cameras by linev · Pull Request #12871 · root-project/root · GitHub

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