SLitrani output format

I’m using SLitrani to study the light propagation for the design of SABRE experiment.
I don’t go into details of my simulation, because my question is more general.

SLitrani has it’s own class for the output:TLitResults. Reading the manual I see that is possible to visualize the various histograms with the TwoPad SLitrani class.
Even if there are a lot of histograms saved, I would like to create a simple ROOT TTree containing all the useful informations (example: distance travelled by photon in material X, etc), so that I am free to use ROOT to create the histograms I want, with a certain binning, color, do fits and so on.
Is there a way to do it simply? It looks weird to me that there is only this rigid output structure without possibility to change.



Hi Giulia,

I am not sure I understand what you mean by “simply”.
Perhaps you can start with the TNtuple class ( which is a simple “table” with floating point numbers as columns and then evolve with a TTree, which can store whatever class in its colums?
Have you had the chance to give a look to the tree examples we provide ( … _tree.html)?