Skip file revery

Hello Rooters.
I’m trying to process a series of root files. Same of them are not correctly closed (I don’t know a priori them).
My purpose is not to process these files but only not corrupted ones.
So, how can I skip file recovery?

Thanks in advanced.


see TFile::Recover doc at: … le:Recover


Sorry if I return on this question but in the “Recover” documentation I did not find the answer to my problem.

I do not want to recover a corrupted file.

When I create a pointer to a file, so in the macro I type
TFile *a = new TFile(“file.root”)
if the file is corrupted, ROOT start immediately to try to recover it;
but my purpose is to find same code to prevent this after the pointer creation
there is same way to do this?

thanks in advance



There is currently no interface to prevent the running of TFile::Recover during the file opening.


I suspect it…