Sitting fit boundaries in DCSB

Hi experts,

I am having some troubles fitting a couple of mass points with the same double sided crystal ball function. The issue I am having is in sitting the fit range and initializing the parameters with meaningful values. Once the fitting of these mass point is done I extract the width of each mass point and plot it as function of the mass then fit it with a linear function, to extract the parametrisation that is needed for defining the width of the binning in a later stage.

Given I have to do for almost 20 signal regions and each region has at least 4 mass point, I was wondering if there’s any way to automate this without having to do that manually for each mass point.

I put an example that could reproduce the problem here GitHub - yelghaza/Fit

Thanks a lot

Maybe @moneta can take a look

would anyone please take a look at this?

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