Simulation process for NewTrack and TransportDeltaElectron

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I want to simulate the slowing down of a delta electron, but when I had a look into the source code of TrackHeed, I found they all use fly() to calculate the transportation. If Heed doesn’t calculate the slowing down of primary track, will it calculate the slowing down of delta electrons?

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thank you for the question. Maybe @hschindl could help here?


Heed has a dedicated algorithm for simulating delta electrons which is different from the PAI model used for simulating primary tracks and does take the slowing down into account.

Thank you for the answer, I had a look into HeedParticle::physics() and try to find how it judge if a particle is delta electron, but didn’t find such information, can you please give some hint where Heed judge if a ionized electron is delta electron? Maybe there are some threshold?

delta electron transport is implemented in the class HeedDeltaElectron.

Ah, I’m actually asking where we judge if the ionized particles are delta electron, I assume there is a momentum threshold?

Anyone knows about the answer?

the term “delta” electrons refers to the electrons that are knocked out in an ionising collision of a charged particle with an atom. The distribution of the kinetic energy T of the delta electrons follows roughly the shape of the differential cross-section dσ/dT which towards high T becomes ∼ 1 / T2.

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