Simscale cloud tool for mesh and electric field production. Integration in Garfield++

I found that Simscale is a great online tool for producing meshes and electric field finite element solutions. the biggest advantage to me is that it is naturally integrated with onshape. Both of them are online and (relatively) free tools.
Is anyone interested in helping me to integrate the Simscale output files in Garfield++?
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Hi Luca,

Adding in the loop @hschindl .


Thanks @mole.luca that looks like an item to be discussed in DRD1 Workgroup 4 [1]. Maybe if you are already a Simscale/onshape user, you might show/share your expertise in WG4 working meeting to see if anyone is interested to join this effort. Can you maybe share the output files of a electric field FEM calculation, such that we can already have a look how they are structured?

[1] Working group 4 | DRD1

Hi Luca,
sure, we can give it a try. As a starting point you can use the existing ComponentAnsys*, ComponentElmer* and ComponentComsol classes which allow one to import field maps exported from a finite-element solver by reading a set of text files containing:

  • the coordinates of the mesh nodes,
  • the potential at each node,
  • a description of the mesh elements (i. e. the nodes corresponding to each element),
  • the material/region/domain associated to each element.

At the moment, the types of finite-element meshes supported by Garfield++ are (quadratic curved) tetrahedra (in 3D) and eight-node curved quadrilaterals (in 2D). Does Simscale offer these types of mesh? If not, we would also need to implement the shape functions and Jacobian of the mesh elements used by Simcale.

Hi. Thank you for your response.
Actually I figured out that it is currently not possible to download field map results from Simscale. The support told me that they put this in a todo list, but I am waiting their response about possible timelines. So, unfortunately Simscale is not an option for Garfield at the moment.

I will keep you posted.

Thank you


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